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Scroll down to meet the talented cast of Revenge of Zoe and to learn more about the lovable characters they play.

CAST of Characters

Billy Shaw

Billy was known as the script Dr. Despite his drug and alcohol problems, until the first Fren-Zee movie Billy had never met a script concept he couldn’t turn into a work of art. No matter how stupid the idea, no matter how many other screenwriters had failed to make a great story out of something awful, Billy managed to pull it off. When he tried to write the frenzy movie he hit a brick wall until he met kooky comic book store owners Pete Reynoso and John Burns who, using their extensive knowledge of the Fren-Zee comic books helped Billy to get out of his writers block into refine his ideas until he had a salient concept that would play well to fans of Fren-Zee. Billy’s self-destructive behavior led him to take all the credit for the film however and he is alienated himself from his two truest friends, John and Pete.  Down to his last dollar he gets the call that could change his life for the better, if only he can get John and Pete to forgive him.


Billy Shaw is played by comedic actor and musician Bradford Trojan. Bradford has been an actor, performer, and musician since the early 1990's performing with prominent theatre group Pig Iron Theatre Company in Philadelphia. He has since starred in many films, commercials, and webisodes. He was also an early member of the national rock group Dr. Dog.

Fren-Zee aka Zoe Muldoom

Born of tragedy, the lovely Zoe Muldoom decided that she must become a weapon against evil. She must become the vigilante Fren-Zee. Zoe of course is a fictional comic book character but she also seems to exist in Billy’s head. She appears here and there and seems to want something, but she never talks.  Is she real, or just a figment of Billy's drug addled mind?

Fren-Zee is played by model/actress/stunt performer Rachel Netherton. Rachel is a Tucson native (where Revenge of Zoe was shot) who enjoys doing film, modeling and stunt work as much as she can. She has a background in psychology and natural wellness.

Katy The Tattoo Artist

Katy is a tough, no-nonsense, self made business woman, with a sardonic sense of humor. She is continually amused by the nerdy Pete and John and actually doesn't mind breaking up the occasional fight for the entertainment value. She's also a serious artist and believes that her art on people's bodies is helps them to feel pride or to deal with things they need to deal with. As long as you're honest with her, she'll tolerate a lot, but never ever insult her work.

Katy is played by actress Olivia Blake  Olivia grew up in Tampa, Fl where she began her acting career in her late teens. She built a small resume in Florida before getting married and moving to Tucson, AZ in 2015. Olivia has appeared in multiple projects in Tucson, and is determined to continue her acting career long after her husband’s military career takes her to other places.

Pete Reynoso

Co-Owner of CBD's and best friend to John, Pete is a truly good hearted guy with a loud and mouth and a hap hazard approach to life. He's deeply passionate about fandom loves others fiercely. Generally a gentle geeky guy, he is strong as a bear and wont hesitate to use that strength if someone he cares about is in need. He is a good sales man but a lousy business man.

Pete is played by actor/comedian Nate Campbell. Nate is a Jack of many trades, master of few. Currently trying his hand at method acting for independent film, he is studying to be a sabersmith, and studying comedy. 


If this whole movie thing takes off, one day he'll be able to afford a whole new wardrobe, or at least another graphic t-shirt!! 


Nate can be found on IMDB here and on various part of social media, primarily Facebook as Nathan Campbell.

John Burns

Co-Owner of CBD's and best friend to Pete John has a reputation for being uptight. He handles the accounting and the overall  bottom line for CBD's and was very efficient at it until he met the love of his life, his fiance, the quirky Jen with whom he can really relax and with whom he has a very unusual love life. He tends to get overly worked up about things but like Pete, he's a true fanboy and truly cares about  other people. He's often the voice of reason at CDB's/

John is played by actor/filmmaker Eric Schumacher. Eric is a multiple award winning actor/director/producer, best known for being one of only a handful of people in the world to have played both Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday in nationally publicized productions. He frequently speaks at fan conventions and is passionate about mentoring others. He is the current president of ground-breaking multimedia production group Seelie Studios, LLC, writes for former Miss America/TV star Elizabeth Gracen's Flapper Press, and is frequently interviewed about the entertainment industry. You can connect with Eric through various social media platforms, all of which can be found on his website below.


Utterly in love with the dorky John, Jen is a nurse, a nerd, and a total badass.  She is entirely supportive of her soon to be husband and is often the voice of reason he needs just as John is for Pete. Jen and John are a perfect match and share a strange and wonderful love life behind closed doors.  Her father instilled a love for comic books in her at a young age and her knowledge of geek dome is nearly the equal of John and Pete's.

Jen is played by Sarah Jackson. Sara Jackson is a film and stage actress based out of Tucson, Arizona. Sara has been in ten feature films, over thirty short films, and more than twenty five stage productions. She has her degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Arizona, and has been studying Classical Conservatory Actor Training, as well as Teaching/Directing, with the Bennett TheatreLab & Conservatory, over the last 4 years. Sara wishes to pursue performance art nationwide and abroad. Sara also works as a professional photographer, but finds herself frequently dabbling in marketing, script doctoring, & casting for films. In the long run, she hopes to channel her skills toward founding her own theatre/production company. More of her work can be seen at:


Sarah is like a little sister/surrogate daughter to John and Pete. Way back when she was 14 years old. Peter and John gave her a job and they were instant family. They got her through some challenging times and taught her what it really meant to have friends you can trust. Now in her 20s she's in collage and occasionally helps with accounting for the store. A smart and confident young woman,  hardly anyone knows John and Pete better.

Sarah is played by actress Julie Shaffer. Years ago Julie answered a casting call to play Sarah in a previous film in which some of the characters from Revenge of Zoe appeared and she really has been playing Sarah since she was 14. In addition to her work as an actress, Julie is, a doctoral student in college and has become like a family to the principals on the Pondo Enterprises. You can learn more about Julie here:


David Lee Summers-Author

Guest Starring as one of CBS's many quirky customers, David Lee Summers is the author of a dozen novels and over eighty short stories. His writing spans a wide range of the imaginative from science fiction to fantasy to horror. David’s novels include The Solar Sea, The Astronomer's Crypt, and Owl Riders. His short stories have appeared in such magazines and anthologies as Realms of Fantasy, Cemetery Dance, and the best selling Straight Outta Tombstone. When not working with the written word, David operates telescopes at Kitt Peak National Observatory.


David appeared as an FEC investigator in the television series Unsolved Mysteries and he also collaborated with Eric Schumacher on a short film/trailer of his novel The Astronomer’s Crypt which may be viewed at


Learn more about David at

Connor Patrick Griffin-Filmmaker & Actor

Guest Starring as Tony's arrogant employee at Isle of Gamesm, Connor Patrick Griffin is an actor, writer, and director who has starred in films such as Check In and The Sister. As the co-founder of Dauphine Productions, LLC., Connor has produced, written, and directed projects ranging from original feature films (2009's Curved) to music videos and the Department of Homeland Security Active Shooter Preparedness Video Suite (2016-present).


Connor can be reached at for acting or production work, as well as other inquiries. Find him on iMDB and Twitter". Conner is also the director of an upcoming feature length documentary about the making

of Revenge of Zoe.

Rosie Zwaduk -Film Producer & Actor

Guest Starring as the smarmy waitress during Pete's date Rosie Zwaduk has been Producing films and TV pilots in Tucson, AZ since 2008, after selling her commercial photography business in Kansas. Her highlights include Emmy’s from her work with Crown Chimp Productions, Winning “Best Action Adventure Short” for “El Patron” at the Chandler International Film Festival, and she had international distribution/success for her horror feature film “Strange Blood”. 

Much more coming soon

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