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Come hang out at CBDs.

Decades ago eccentric comic book legend Nick Levine created one of the most popular super heroines of the Golden age of comic books, the beautiful, deadly female vigilante Fren-Zee AKA Zoe Muldoom. 


Several years ago Nick was doing a comic book signing and choked to death on his own comic book while trying to eat it in a fit of rage.


Billy Shaw is an ace screenwriter with a drug problem. 2 years ago he wrote the screenplay for a blockbuster film adaptation of “Fren-Zee The Movie”. He couldn’t have done it, however, without the help of kooky comic book store owners Pete Reynoso and John Burns. Pete and John own the comic book store where Nick Levine died.  After a successful collaboration Billy got a little too full of himself and gave Pete and John check for their work but took full credit for the screenplay. Pete and John have not heard from Billy in two years.

Now, down and out with his addiction problem getting worse and worse, Billy has just lost his last valuable possession in a card game when he’s given an amazing offer to write the sequel to frenzy for a cool, crisp, $2 million advance.

Billy knows that there’s no way you can write another blockbuster without the help of John and Pete. He also knows that John and Pete will never talk with him again. To make matters worse, Billy is both tormented and comforted by what he believes to be the ghost of Nick Levine and, the ghost of the nonexistent superheroine Fren-Zee, who follow him everywhere.

In the meantime the uptight John has left his lovable but highly disorganized partner Pete to run the comic book store for a while, while John plans his wedding to the love of his life, the feisty Jen.  What John doesn’t know is that Pete has lost all of their money on several very bad business decisions.

Can Billy get John and Pete to work with him again or for that matter to talk with him again? Can Billy stay straight long enough to write a script? Will the possibly imaginary Nick and frenzy get what they really want?

In the world of John and Pete’s Comic Book Diaries (CBD’s) comic book store anything can happen.

Revenge of Zoe is a comedy feature film populated with a cast of kooky, lovable characters you won’t soon forget. The producers describe it as “A love letter to the worlds of fandom, filmmaking, and a reminder of what fan culture is really all about.

We hope that Revenge of Zoe will make you laugh from beginning to end.

About the Producers

Revenge of Zoe is the brainchild of long time filmmakers Cliff Campbell and Marty Ketola of Pondo Enterprises.  Over the years they’ve made several films about CBD’s, the most recent of which, produced on a shoestring, costarred multi-award winning actor/filmmaker Eric Schumacher who has since gone on to play principal roles in widely viewed production such as Legends and Lies: The Real West for Fox television, the legendary director Alex Cox’s most recent feature film Tombstone Rashomon, and fan favorite multimedia series Zhon: The Alien Interviews), and actor Nate Campbell as John and Pete respectively. 


After a well-received screening of that film (Writing Fren-Zee) at a small science fiction convention (TusCon) Campbell and Ketola were inspired to write a new story set in CBDs.  Recruiting Eric Schumacher (who in addition to his work as a performer, is, in his own right a multi-award winning and critically acclaimed filmmaker and is the current president of multi award winning production company Seelie Studios) and double Emmy award-winning science celebrity, TV host and film producer Geoffrey Notkin, along with his company Desert owl productions.  Known for his extensive history with comic books, science fiction and fantasy genres Notkin was an exceptional addition to the team and became art director for the film as well as co-producer.

They then recruited award winning production company ArcLight Pictures’ the provided award-winning director of photography R. S. Francis and award winning production sound mixer Elisa Cota-Francis. ArcLight pictures also provided post-production color correction, color grading, post-production special effects, and post-production sound design, foly, ADR, etc.

After scripting and an extensive audition process was held at the filming location in Tucson Arizona the crew began rehearsals officially at Charlie’s Comics,  and active and functioning comic book store in Tucson Arizona which served as the main set for CBD’s. Many scenes of the film were shot during business hours while customers were in the store, some of whom gladly served as extras in the film.

A number of industry luminaries were recruited to do cameos in the film including Notkin himself. 

The amazing soundtrack was also assembled by Notkin and his co-music director Anne Husick and includes a number of absolutely phenomenal independent bands who have strong followings in their own right and were very happy to license music to this adventurous endeavor.

The film had its world premiere screening at the 45th annual TusCon Science Fiction, Fantasy, and horror convention in November 2018.

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